fredag 23 september 2011

Sigur Ros "INNI" torrent & Magnet link

Uploaded: Sigur Ros - "INNI" torrent & Magnet link

At this instant uploaded to torrent here.I assume Sigur Ros will not be too delighted about this leak. I first came across the MP3s on The Pirate bay but they were removed an hour later being MP3 files and all.

INNI torrent MP3s : at the end of the actual blog post.

Now, for the album.

To start with, its got better production than previous tunes in my opinion. Theres even guitar in a track lol
The tracks are feel to be a lot of the same (which can be on no account terrible obviously) and the lyrics are similar, except less misery.
As well as the INNI torrent we have also included a nice little magnet link.

What Im saying is, it truly sounds like an actual band many times, you know.If, perhaps you just like Sigur Ros you likely will not turn out to be disappointed.

But I still can not make a choice if INNI is actually really worth shelling out for and ignore the Mediafire download. Although whatever. I will leave that choice to you actually. Enjoy the Sigur Ros - INNI torrent download my fellow fans.

We give this album 3 out of 5 stars.